How to mine QRL

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How to mine QRL

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This guide will explain how to use your CPU to receive block rewards by mining QRL (processing transactions).

The first step is to install xmrig from here: Download XMRig

Simply download the respective software and install it.
After installation, locate the directory by right clicking the shortcut that was created on your desktop and click open file location.
Locate and open the config file called config.json.
(You may also use the config wizard located here: XMRig config wizard.)

If you are inexperienced in setting up config text files, it is recommended to use the wizard.

The next step is to select a pool from here: Mining Pools

Input the information into your config file by modifying the associated lines.
You may also get some additional tips about configuration optimizations here: Optimization Guide

Find the lines "user" and "url" under "pools".
In the user line place your QRL wallet address.
In the URL line place your desired pool url with port appended, ideally one that is closest to your region.

Here we'll use volt-mine as an example:

Code: Select all    (Europe)    (United States)    (Asia)
Append the desired port to your chosen pool url, for example:

Input the information into the config:
It is strongly recommended to connect with more security, select a TLS port from the pool and enable it in the config by setting false to true as seen here (you may also set a rig id or password, but they are not required -- some pools require different information, such as the coin or algo, as well. Not every pool is the same, so set your configuration respective to the pool you choose. Their instructions for "getting started" are on their website):

Code: Select all

    "pools": [
            "algo": "rx/0",
            "coin": "",
            "url": "",
            "user": "Q0yourwalletaddress",
            "pass": null,
            "rig-id": null,
            "nicehash": false,
            "keepalive": true,
            "enabled": true,
            "tls": true,
Save the file and run XMRig.
It will notify you of any errors if you missed any required configuration.
If you set it up correctly, it will connect to the pool and beginning mining blocks.

Depending on your hashrate, it may take some time to get your first payout.
You can go to your pool website and input your user address to check on your pending payout and your mining stats.