Voluntary Trading Format

Buy and Sell orders from the QRL community.
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Voluntary Trading Format

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To trade, simply create a thread for a Buy or Sell order and the cost.

(This is merely some examples and not enforced. Format how you wish as long as it can be understood easily)
Example Format:

"I want to buy 1000 QRL for 0.20 USD each, paying in ETH"
"I want to sell 2000 QRL for 0.5 USD each, accepting BTC/ETH/BURST" etc.

This format is simply to make it easy to organize and recognize at a glance what a peer is requesting, this will help trades commence easier.
Trade transactions featuring private information should be handled via Private Messaging (PM) between Peers or in Discord Direct Messages (DM), not in forum threads. Contact information exchange/Arrangements/agreements can be made in forum threads. If you post an email, try to use spam prevention techniques when typing it out.

All trades done on this server are Peer to Peer based utilizing official services, this network doesn't handle any transactions so the risk falls upon both peers in any transaction.
Be aware of the risks and judge the situation accordingly. If it seems too good to be true, or it doesn't feel right, don't do it. Forming trust with other peers is key. Coinbase and Paypal are encouraged, or other trusted sources of exchanging goods.